Sunday, August 15, 2010

Updated Sidebars


Sorry again that its been so long since I posted. I'm just not finding myself all that motivated lately to track and post the numbers. I have been saving and paying down debt with the same intensity, so its not debt fatigue, its more budgeting fatigue. Although looking at my numbers I haven't been living outside of my means. I haven't touched the MasterCard in more than 2 months (other than paying it down!) and I've paid off the balance on the Visa before its due, so no interest is charged (only purchasing things that can only be purchased online - like tickets). I am still imputing my debit transactions into a tracking program, but I haven't imputed the numbers into excel or my "virtual jars". I'm just not motivated, I will admit it. Hopefully with September, my Gail Club will be in more full swing and will give me the push I need to keep doing what I should be doing to be in better control of my money. Until then, I will use the excuse that its summer and I'm going to be lazy!

TTFN, Morgaine.