Friday, October 12, 2012


So, while I was on my honeymoon, it was considered a "leave of absence without pay" at work. I'm currently on a contract with zero paid vacation. I've been on this contract for almost 2 years now and while its been tempting to look for a permanent position elsewhere with paid vacation/sick days and benefits, I've stayed here because the pay is amazing and I like my job (ok, I like my work but not necessarily the work environment/some co-workers). T has benefits through his work, so we've been ok on that front as well.

Anyways, the point is that I didn't get paid for the 2 weeks I was on my honeymoon, plus 2 days off before my wedding and 1 day after the honeymoon (needed to recoup, get back to my timezone, and do lots of laundry!) So, my paycheque yesterday came in at $380! I haven't made that little in a 2 week period since my part-time job in University! I still had my RSP/E fund/Christmas fund come out of that leaving me with $155 to go for two weeks. I'm not too sure how this is going to work out, to be honest. There isn't too much planned for the next two weeks (I might buy a Halloween costume) and we've been trying to eat out less (both for wallet and waistline sakes), so I'm really hoping that I can stick to that amount and not put anything on the credit card. T has told me that he can wait for the money back on my cell phone bill so the $155 is completely spending money, but I'm still a bit concerned.

Also I'm hoping my next paycheque will be able to cover all my end of the month bills (rent, groceries, I help T with his parking costs since we carpool, savings, credit card payments, and now my cell phone) and still give me some spending money too.

This is certainly going to be a lean month but I'm looking forward to the challenge! Wish me luck!


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