Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 Budget

Here's what my 2011 budget sits at right now. This is subject to change - maybe sooner rather than later, since I'm only temping right now and applying for permanent jobs, but none yet :(

Since I am currently being paid weekly, I will be tracking weekly and hopefully this will make it easier to budget. So far, I think so. But time will tell ...


  1. Wow, I'm amazed at how low your expenses can be kept! I guess I'm so far removed from single life and just supporting my own needs that I can't imagine only having a budget of $60 a month for food. If you can manage to live on this budget, more power to you! Right on!!!

  2. Hi Makky's Mom,

    I'm not single, living with fiance and he pays for the groceries! So, I just pay what I may need extra (eating out for lunch once a week, dinner/coffee with friends etc).

    I've been trying to "manage" living on this budget, this is the tighest budget I've ever put myself on, but if I want to get this debt paid down by the end of next year, this is the sacrifices I'm going to HAVE to make.

    Thanks for dropping by :)