Thursday, April 4, 2013

Monthly Budget Update - March 2013

Here's my numbers for March. I just have one word ... yuck!

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Highlights: I made extra money this month due to overtime at work and my income tax return. I put $1,300 towards debt and paid off a credit card! I saved $6,100 towards various goals.

Lowlights: I broke my shopping ban by purchasing a swimsuit, spring coat, a couple of t-shirts and a cardigan. I spent over $300 on restaurant, fast food, and or convenience food! Entertainment and gifts are also a bit high due to taking my friend out for a spa day. Everything else is fairly steady.

Luckily, April should be fairly quiet with only one birthday. I may purchase a bike but that would come out of the planned spending. We purchased our flights to Alberta for T's sister's wedding in August through Airmiles so only had to pay for taxes which is also out of the planned spending.

I've been offered a bit more OT this month so I'm going to take it but keep my goals infront of me this month, unlike last month. Just because I made more money is no excuse to go crazy and spend it all!

How about you? How did you do in March?



  1. We had a good March but I'm actually really looking forward to getting out of the house more with the warmer weather.

    1. Good to hear you had a good March. Usually March isn't as crazy for us but we just weren't home very much and its reflected in our food budget.

      I am soooooooo done with this winter! We're going to be buying bikes soon and I can't wait to get outside! :)

      Thanks for dropping by! :)