Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pay and Bonus Day!

Ok, so my bonus was less than I calculated it to be, so it must not be 1% of the gross, probably the net amount, or some things aren't part of the calculation. The bonus: $237.86
$200 of it went to my student loan (which should put it to about $550 - I'll post the final "calculation" at the end of the month to account for my regular $100 monthly payment and interest cost).

Other "payments" for this end of the month paycheque:
-$350.00 Rent
-$100.00 Public Transportation Pass
-$100.00 Student Loan regular payment
-$50.00 Emergency Fund
-$50.00 Travel Fund
-$50.00 RRSP
-$100.00 to BF (I've owed him money from Christmas, this is it though!)
-$109.52 gym (I haven't even gone in Jan yet! Going this Saturday FOR SURE!!! and more regularly starting next week)
Of which I have already spent:
-$40.00 cash *let's see how long it lasts . . .
-$22.60 HMV (CD store)

But, with no real plans to spend this money on anything (other than bunny supplies and some groceries), let's see if I can make it to the next pay without using my credit cards, or even better, not use my credit cards AND have some money over.

We'll see . . . TTFN Morgaine

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