Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January 2010: How I did . . .

So, we're now into February.

I've assessed how I did in January.

I was over budget by $366
$93 cell phone bill (bought a new blackberry)
$98 household - I think I'm going to rejig this budget amount
$225 I owed to BF (now paid off!)
So, technically $141 over the actual budgeted amounts *minus the money owed BF

I stayed within the $100 budget for clothes, which for me is pretty impressive. I didn't spend any money on jewelry supplies, also surprising. However, I did put items on my credit cards and had to go into overdraft twice.

February Goals:
NO money on clothes $0 zip zilch nothing nadda
NO money on credit cards - no excuses!!!
Have at least $50 left in the bank account at the end of the month - no more paycheque to paycheque and overdraft!

Ok, that's a lot, but there's not a lot going on this month. Valentine's day: the BF and I decided not to buy each other gifts. I think Valentine's day should be about spending time together, not spending money. We are going up to North Bay (where the BF is from) so we had to rent a hotel room anyways and we're going to have a nice dinner. Since this is more his trip than mine (only his family/friends) I'm putting in $100 for this trip. That's it. No other planned spending this month. I will post again and update the bars on payday.

Wish me luck! TTFN Morgaine.

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