Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So sorry I haven't blogged in forever, I've had a lot on my mind! I'm totally in wedding planning mode! Even though its at least 2 years away! Of course, the main thing for me is doing it on a budget! So, I will share with the blogosphere my journey to a budget-conscience wedding.

All ready I've had offers for a friend to take our photos (he's semi-professional, he did our friend's wedding 2 years ago and I saw the pics and they were terrific!) we haven't discussed financials yet, maybe at the engagement party. And another friend offered to do our wedding cake, again no financials, I just sent her a pic of what I'm looking for and we'll see.

We're looking at venues that will be $6000 or less for about 80 people. This weekend we're going to Fantasy Farm in Toronto, I think they may be out of the price range, but I'm willing to talk to the coordinator and get prices and what not. The great thing about doing this now (ie 2 years ahead) is that I won't feel pressured to make a decision. The fiancee said the other day: "I don't want you to fall in love with a place and want to book it right away, we don't have a deposit yet!" I find I really make the worst impulse purchases when I feel rushed so that's why I want to give myself plenty of time.

Also, I bought a book: "The DIY Bride" by Khris Cochran and its got lots of ideas for DIY projects for the wedding. I'm hoping to save some serious cash by doing the following myself (and/or with my Mom and wedding party): invitations, centerpieces, boutonnieres, favours, place settings, guestbook, jewelry, programs, thank you cards, and bouquets! Maybe more. Again time is on my side here :)

As for rest of my money, I will admit that I've fallen off the tracking wagon, however, I haven't gone overboard in my spending as of late (even on the trip, hooray!) except on a few wedding books and magazines. I hope to get caught up by the end of this weekend. Oh, and a tally of what I spent on the trip as well.

Ok, back to wedding planning! TTFN, Morgaine.


  1. Nice to see you back posting again. I'm sure you've got a ton on your mind right now. Enjoy the planning, knowing you've got time on your side. I'm still so very excited for you!!!

  2. welcome back. :)
    well, just remember... don't leave it too last minute like my brother. He has only 60 guests so he left everything last minute and is now scrambling to get everything done. Book in advance as soon as you can and let people know your date. That way at least they'll know. :)

  3. I've never posted before just been a lurker but I though I make a suggestion for a wedding venue. It is called the Prague Resturant and is located on Scarbrough Golf Club Rd. (just south of Lawrence Avenue). It is an awesome location DH and I got married there six years ago and we still get comments about what a wonderful receiption we had.