Friday, July 9, 2010

Where the Money Stands - Mid July 2010

Here's where my money stands this month:

Own: $607.56 TFSA ($507.56 emergency and $100 gifts fund)
         $3469.59 RRSP
Total: $4077.15

Owe: $8457.00 consolidation loan
         $9575.00 MasterCard
Total: $18,032.00

Net Worth: -$13,954.85
Change since Jan 2010: +$5,315.60

Its very exciting to see that my Net Worth is now under the negative $14K mark, hard to believe it was almost -$20K at the beginning of the year! Also, my total debt is almost under $18K which is good as well. Keeping track like this is definitely motivating me to keep on truckin' with my debt repayment and savings.

TTFN, Morgaine.


  1. Congrats!! I love the feeling of being in a new 1K bracket for Net Worth or Savings or debt -- it's so motivating!

  2. You're doing so well! Every month you'll get closer and closer to that happy positive number.

  3. @hithatsmybike Thanks! It is a great feeling and is a huge motivation. I think keeping this blog and in even keeping track of where I stand with the money in general has been a huge factor in motivating me to get my debt paid off ASAP. Thanks for dropping by!

    @Jolie Thanks! I just gotta keep that in my mindset, even though I know I'm probably about a year away from a positive net worth, I know that it will feel amazing when I get there so I'm keep on going along this path and try and keep myself motivated.