Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Shopping Planning

I'm going to the US on Sunday to (hopefully) complete my Christmas shopping. I have to say I haven't prepared as well as I probably could have for this Christmas, I blame the wedding and honeymoon :)

We were saving, saving, saving for the wedding and honeymoon right up to the date (Sept 8/12) and I still had to pay off some c/c damage from the honeymoon when we got back (Oct 1/12). So, I only have 2 and half months to save for Christmas (plus the fact that my first paycheque when I returned was less than $400!) I already bought some presents and the money that I had saved for Christmas is already gone :( At least the MasterCard is sitting at $0 but my savings account is sitting at $0 too.

Starting in January, I plan to start putting $50 per pay aside for gifts (Christmas and birthdays) so that hopefully I'm better prepared for 2013. Here's hoping!

Here's a list of what I already bought and what I still need to buy (not being specific, as I don't know if anyone I know in real life reads this blog or not, except Bianca).

Bought (actual amounts, rounded)
Mom - $55
Godmother - $35
Aunt 1 - $15 plus some home-made goodies
Total: $105

To buy:
T - around $100-150
Aunt 2 - probably around $50 as she is also our landlady and is renting this house to us super cheap :)
Cousin - $5 (home-made gifts)
2nd Cousin - Around $50 to $60
Brother - $25-30
Friends Secret Santa - $25 cap
3 other friends - approx $20 each
3 kids of friends - approx $20 each
Total - $440

Combined - $545 (using highest total) Its a bit over $500, I'm hoping to cap at $500 so we shall see if I can find some deals :)

I will re-post when I have my purchases done and the actual totals. And, how I plan to pay for this all! :S

How about you? Did you do a good job of planning for Christmas this year? What's your budget cap?
TTFN, Morgaine


  1. *wave*

    Yup. I totally read this blog *grin*

    If you're doing any online shopping, you might want to try out the Canadian version of Ebates:

    You can get a small percentage of some of your online spending back this way. It's just a bit, but every bit helps, right?

  2. Hi Bianca!

    Thanks for the tip, I will definitely look into that in the future :)