Monday, November 12, 2012

The new job

Well, its taken me a few more days to write this because I took Friday off and today is a government holiday, and it so happens I work for the government. Anyways, I mentioned on Thursday that I got a one year contract at my current work place for a job that pays about $100 more per week. It will of course come with more responsibilities and I will have some learning to do, but I'm excited. I was feeling a bit lethargic in my current role. There is sometimes only so much you can learn in one role. I spent a quite a bit of my day looking at Facebook and Pinterest. I was bored.

I start on November 19th so I have the rest of this week to get whatever I currently have in my personal work queue done and get ready to take on the new role.

I also am looking forward to working out a new budget and seeing what this extra money will net me on my paycheques. I'm debating on either upping my credit card payments or increasing my discretionary money (only to ensure I don't spend on the c/c). I might end up splitting the difference between the two.

I will keep everyone posted on this.

In other news, yesterday was my birthday. We kept it fairly frugal. On Friday we went out for dinner with some close friends, I got some books and gift cards (some for books, I love my friends!) and T bought me 5 different $25 gift cards for the movies, books, Starbucks (for yummy gingerbread lattes), Old Navy, and Best Buy. I'm sure these will come in handy over the next 2 months when the priority is Christmas spending but you always want something for yourself too. On Sunday we went to a movie (gift card paid for movie and some treats), bowling (which isn't as cheap as I remember but I did have a $5 off coupon), and dinner at Caseys because they have free dinner on your birthday! Yummy stacked sandwich! It didn't end up costing me or T too much money and we had some well deserved fun.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.


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