Friday, December 28, 2012

January No Spend & Declutter Challenge

Challenge accepted!

Got this idea from It's Me, Sam which lead me to Half Dozen Daily. Since I am planning on starting my Shopping Fast in January, I only need to add the Decluttering Challenge onto my plan.

We have a second "bedroom" in the house we are renting where my bunny used to live. Its always been the room where the clutter goes. It is the most disorganized room in the house. So, it will be my challenge in January to organize this room and make it more usuable instead of just a room full of junk and stuff.

How about you? Any decluttering challenges for January? Any other resolutions for 2013?

I will be sharing some more resolutions/goals for 2013 next week.

Happy New Year! Have a fun and safe celebration. See ya next year!


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