Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Spending - Update

I went cross-border shopping last Sunday.

Here's what I got (converted into $CDN):

T - sunglasses $120.07
bro - jeans and t-shirts $49.85
cousin - shoes $58.30

friends (2) - bath & body works - $27.54
friends kids (2) - Marshalls - $45.58

2 pairs of pants at Eddie Bauer $95.39
Pair of shoes $42.41
Cardigan and 2 t-shirts @ Ann Taylor $59.72
Grey hoodie, undies and personal care @ Target $37.50

Total $536.36

A little more than I wanted to spend (I may have gone a bit overboard on myself, whoops) and I still have a few more gifts to pick up but I got a lot of my essentials out of the way to hopefully kickstart the no spending in 2013.

How have you done so far with this year's Christmas shopping, keeping to budget?


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