Friday, December 14, 2012

Why I'm not in love with shopping anymore ...

I haven't been in love with shopping for a while now. This is a combination of a few things ...
  • I don't have as much free time as I use to. I used to shop a LOT when I was in University. I was only working part-time and there was many days when I had a couple of hours between class and work. Do you think I went to the library to study? Yeah, right!
  • I get a ride home from work now and would rather have that than shop and have to take the TTC.
  • I'm using my money for more important things - debt repayment and saving for a house.
  • I'm finding I can't stand crowds and lines more than I used to be able to tolerate them.
  • I'm finding I don't like a lot of clothes these days. It may be that I'm older and set in my ways and new trends are anathema to me. But I also think that my favourite stores have done certain things to make the clothes cheaper (adding spandex and lycra and taking away buttons and zippers) while the prices have remained the same or more expensive. There is one particular clothing store, I won't say which one, but I used to LOVE this store and bought clothes there all the time. They started with one or two styles of pants with no button/zipper but now almost ALL of there pants are this style and I HATE them. And, it does appear that this trend is contaminating more and more clothing stores. These pants are supposedly more comfortable but they roll down on me all the time and I feel subconscious in these pants with all their lycra/spandex. I feel much more comfortable in cotton pants.
  • I have a lot of clothes already. I used to be able to justify buying another t-shirt or another sweater even when my closet was already full. But I now recognize that I do already have enough t-shirts and sweaters. Pants on the other hand ...
  • I always had a hard time finding clothes that fit well. Especially pants. I am a 16/18 petite. When I find pants I actually like, good luck finding it in my size. It seems that no clothing stores want to acknowledge that there does exist fat short people. We all are either short and skinny or if you're fat you must also be tall. And since most clothing stores charge extra for plus sizes, having to add on tailoring fees if the pants are not petite makes it even more expensive.
  • I find I don't have occasion to wear a lot different types of clothes. I don't go clubbing anymore, I don't need clothes for that. We don't go to a lot of formal affairs and I have a dress for those that I can wear to more than 1 function, I don't feel the need to wear a different dress to each occasion. I have work clothes and I have weekend clothes (pjs and schlepping clothes) and that's it.
  • I've never been a jewelry, accessories type of gal, I buy the odd purse that's it. I like comfortable shoes so no heel addiction here. And although my husband likes to complain, I don't think 10 pairs of shoes is that bad. I know ladies with 10 times that amount.
The reason for this list is to remind myself that having a shopping ban for next year shouldn't be too hard. If I don't love shopping anymore why would I want to do it? Why would I miss it? I will re-read this post if I ever feel the need to go shopping next year.

How about you? Do you still love shopping? Do you hate it too and what are your reasons?

Have a great weekend!

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