Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekly Spending: Feb 18 - 24

2/18 - $1.50 (cash - laundry)
2/19 - $1.00 (cash - milk) (+$5.00 cash from T)
2/20 - No Spend!
2/21 - $1.95 (cash - breakfast) + $10.49 (debit - lunch sushi) + $2.05 (cash - coffee) = $14.49
2/22 - No Spend!
2/23 - $11.80 (debit - Dollarama)
2/24 - No Spend!

Total: $28.79

Dollarama breakdown -  gum $0.79, earphones for gym (lost last pair) $3.39, freezer bags $1.13, kleenex $1.13, mini comb and brush set for gym $1.41 (old brush has lost plastic nubs and was scratching my scalp), cotton cosmetic pads $1.13, lint roller $1.41 (because of bunny), travel bottle for gym $1.41.

Everytime I think I don't need something, I can always think of at least one thing I need. In this case, it was the new brush for the gym. Which leads me to purchase said thing and then other things I forgot I needed or were "well, while I'm here" type purchases.

So, again I think I'm cheating on this shopping ban by justifying purchases because they're for the gym or the home, or for the bunny. I will also have to buy shampoo again for the gym as I left my last bottle there by accident and nobody turned it in :(

It looks like I only ate out once last week, but it isn't true. We had pizza on Friday and Wendy's on Saturday. It was pure laziness on our parts. I owe T for my share of the pizza, which I will pay him for on Thursday (pay day) plus the $5.00 I borrowed on Tuesday :)

How did your week go?



  1. Our week is tight this week.. Ds is off to QC. for a couple weeks, so that's taking up a third of our budget. I still need to pack his bag for the train and our Chameleon needs more crickets again since he seems to be a glutton. lol!

    You did good overall, but I do get what you mean by "justifying" purchases.. we all do that sometimes!

  2. Hi Carla,

    Its certainly good to plan for a tight week, rather than it just sneak up on you.

    I justify my purchases all the time, its hard not to. Well, there should be a reason I purchased something, better than not having a reason at all ;)

    Thanks for dropping by! :)