Thursday, February 28, 2013


First off, check out my first EVER guest post! Its on Michelle's awesome blog SenseofCents ...

Today's payday and its not a full one due to Family Day :`(

But I did make to over $20K in my RSP :)

I have to admit that this is kinda boring payday report, not much to say, its the usual money gone before the day is even over kinda paycheque. But there are some exciting things coming up in March.

  1. Celebrating 2 friends birthdays, one was technically in Feb (happy belated B!) and one is in March, but they are planning a joint get-together, so I hear.
  2. St. Patrick's Day - I'm Irish so its my day ;) I typically have some friends over for some Irish food and drink, and some fun :)
I'm still working on getting February's numbers together (and hey, the month's not over yet!) but it looks like I spent a bit less on eating out in Feb than I did in Jan but there's still HUGE room for improvement. So, I'm planning not to eat out for breakfast or lunch, nor grab coffee during the week for all of March. I would add in dinner but I know its not going to happen, we've just been too busy lately with gym and activities plus we are planning on eating out with some friends before a movie tomorrow and the friends bday celebration as above. But this should still help, I just need to plan out some of my lunches a bit better to make sure I have enough to cover at least 5 days and possibly have some back up options.

I should be able to post the numbers tomorrow and how I did on my goals this month.

How did your February go?


  1. Thanks again for guest posting. I'm super excited for St. Patty's day!

  2. Thanks for the opportunity. I'm glad to see so many comments, its great when a discussion can be started :)

    Me too, Its my favourite "holiday". Yes, even more than Christmas :)