Friday, June 11, 2010

Bi-Weekly Report May 27 - June 9

Here is the bi-weekly numbers for May 27 - June 9

Again, most of the spending happened at the end of May: bf's birthday present and dinner. June is definitely going to be a month where I will be reigning in the spending - big time!

I've decided to start a "Christmas" fund (really = "gifts fund") but I won't be putting any money into it until after we get back from our trip in July. I have a tentative goal of $500 but I don't think I'll have that by Christmas if I'm only putting $25 per pay in this account, but at least it'll be something. Luckily, there won't be much more in the way of gifts for a while, besides my share of the wedding gift ($50) in July. September I have two friend's birthdays (they're twins), October is my Godmother's birthday (she's my favourite aunt, more like a second mom to me, so I always buy her a present), November my Mom's birthday, December my brother's birthday and of course, Christmas. I'm hoping to be a bit more prepared for these occasions hopefully next year, but at least, I can make a start of it this year.

BTW, I hope everyone likes the new blog look and layout. I was wanting a 3 column look for a while since I thought things were just a bit too squished. I really like how it looks now :) TTFN, Morgaine.

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