Thursday, June 3, 2010

May was Awful!

Those are my numbers for May. As you can see I went WAY over in the Clothing/Gifts and Entertainment categories. We went up north and it was my bf's birthday month, so we did a lot of spending. Luckily, June is looking to be a lot quieter. I'm also going to try and save, save, save for our trip to Alberta in July. The bf is paying for the majority of the trip (hotels, car rentals, food), I paid for my airfare (well, I paid the bf back) and I will need some funds for some food, entertainment, and gifts. I'm thinking about $250 all in.

I'm also glad that once this trip is over, all the money I've been throwing into ING will be for my efund and not for travel. Once that hits $1000, I'm moving $100 per paycheque to RSP and in the new year I have to see if I have to throw more money in the RSP depending on where my taxes stand at that point. But, that's a while in the making.

I CAN'T wait until my next paycheque, monthly bonus + quarterly bonus + raise = awesome debt payment!!! Since I only have $60 to last me until next Thursday, this week has been extremely non-spending. I actually haven't spend any money since Saturday! If only I could behave like this when I actually have money, I would be in such a better situation. Well, I'm learning. I hope! TTFN, Morgaine.

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