Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rolling in the Dough - Well, not for too long . . .

So, today is THE day: raise, monthly bonus, semi-annual bonus, oh and HST rebate (didn't even know about that one until today!) and guess what, all of that is already almost gone :(

First thing, my raise equalled an extra $6.97 per paycheque - oh well, every little bit counts! The monthly bonus was low as the markets sucked last month and it was slow in general $184.80 net. But, the bonus hurt, why? It was $1200 gross, and I had assumed about $300 would be taken off for taxes, giving me about $900 to put on the debt. But oh no, the bonus came to $783.53 net!!! $416.47 taken off for taxes etc. So, I had to rejig the debt repayment to $1250 instead of $1500 that I had planned :( But still, the balance for the consolidation loan now sits at $8,542.72 so it is coming down.

I'm going to wait until all the bills have gone through the account before I update the bi-weekly budget and post my new numbers. I'm also going to do a mid-year progress report once all the numbers are updated, and see how far I've come.

BTW, I HAVE to leave my Mastercard alone!!! It is not going down, because I keep putting stuff on it. If I had not put any purchases on it since the begining of the year it would be down by about $1000! Instead its down $300. Do NOT touch this card! Do NOT touch this card! Do NOTTTTTTTTTTTT touch this CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to say this many times I think. Actually, the worse thing is that it is the same bank as my bank account, which allows me to do balance transfers = cash advances. Oh no, bad, very bad. But I really don't want to go through the hassle of changing banks, and I know no one else is going to give me a credit card. So, I just have exert more willpower!

Wish me luck! TTFN, Morgaine.

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