Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly Spending Report: April 4 - 10

4: No Spend!
5: No Spend!
6: $10.61 (cash - dinner) + $33.85 (debit - $30.49 PC + $3.36 snack) = $44.46
7: $3.78 (cash - breakfast) + $4.98 (cash - snack before dentist) + $129.20 (credit, to be paid out of planned spending acct - dentist) + $9.03 (credit, paid back by account - ebook) = $146.99
8: $1.98 (cash - breakfast) + $7.76 (debit - $5.60 tea as a gift to a co-worker that's leaving + $2.16 for tea latte for myself) = $9.74
9: $30.00 (cash - dinner)
10: No Spend!
Total: $231.19 (without dentist: $101.99)

Emotional Tracker: 6 - I knew I was going out for dinner on Wednesday before my concert, I needed to kill some time and there was some PC items I needed to get. 7: so tired in the morning of the 7th, I had to get a coffee and I had no more milk for my cereal so I got a bagel too. Ugh, dentist! Put this on my credit card but the money is coming out of my Planned Spending acct. 8: met up with friends before we went to 2 separate shows. I went to see House of Pain! I'm showing my age a bit, but I grew up with "Jump Around" it was fun to see them live :)

Taking out the dentist appointment (which I did plan for and its coming out of my Planned Spending account, not my monthly budget) I spent $101.99 which isn't too bad but considering how much I spent last week, this was still more than I should have spent.

I also didn't meet my goal of 4 no spends this week, but 3 isn't bad, gotta make the 4 this week though!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


  1. I think your idea of tracking your emotions is brilliant! That way when you look back on how much money you spent, you'll remember why!

  2. I agree with Cassie - that is cute!

    How fun about the concert :)

    3 no spends is pretty good in my book!

  3. @Cassie, I think so, especially those little food purchases, they really do seem to relate to how I feel. I also found that I buy PC items and clothes when I'm bored or upset. So many times I've watched TDDUP and I noticed that many people using shopping as a way to deal with certain issues in their lives, I think this is the case for me as well, I'm still coming to terms with it, but recognizing the triggers I think is the first step to "recovery" :)

    @jpkittie, thanks :) It was a great time, I know that if I didn't go I would have regretted it and it was so much fun. 3 no spends is certainly good, I'm happy with it, just working on a goal of 15 no spends this month :)