Friday, March 1, 2013

Monthly Budget Update - February 2013

This month was strange with a lot of money coming in and out of my account for putting extra money into my RSP and another thing that I'm not going to tell you guys about yet.

I thought it would be best for the purposes of my blog (and for general budgeting purposes) just to look at my fixed and variable expenses. Again, I'm not budgeting until I have at least 3 months of spending data just so I know what I spend on average before trying to come up with a budget. That said, I am still making sure that I'm not spending more money than I make :)

It seems that February was an improvement on January's numbers in restaurant/fast food ($62.83), home ($18.98), entertainment ($35.49), gifts ($9.68), and medical/dental ($109.59) - hooray for not having to go to the dentist!. I spent more on groceries ($25.59) - which makes sense when you spend less on going out :) - personal care ($39.49) - stupid me losing shampoo at the gym :( plus a few other items - and pet ($90.93) - we bought Caramel a new cage. But I still spent less overall $632.37 ($64.86). With the bunny taken care of and no medical/dental expenses this month, I should spend a lot less. There's just a couple of birthdays this month.

I'm also challenging myself to not buy breakfast, lunch, coffee, or snacks during the workweek in March. I want to see if I can get the restaurant total even lower :)

So, that was my money in February, how did yours go?


  1. We've had quite a few dental expenses lately too. It stinks but very necessary in the long run.

  2. Well, it was just standard cleaning, etc but I had to pay the $100 deductible :(

    Definitely necessary in the long run, glad we have insurance :)