Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March - Biweekly Budget #1

Here's a visual representation of what I HOPE I will spend in the first two weeks in March:

The first column is "fixed expenses" the second column are "variable". As you can see, I budgeted $0 for clothes - and good thing I did, otherwise I'd be more in the red at the end of the month! The $1.13 I can live with (there is $10.49 in my account now so, technically its a $9.36 surplus if I keep to the totals. I put my full gifts budget here because I still have 2 more gifts to buy this month.

For the entertainment budget, I may have to steal from another category. My friend wants to go to the museum this weekend for a special exhibit $32.50! and my other friend's birthday, we are going to Medeval Times $50! And dinner out with another friend for her birthday, plus St Patrick's Day, plus our anniversary, plus going to see "Alice in Wonderland". Wow! Gotta keep the credit cards at home this month - way too much temptation!!!

On the plus side, it has been 2 no spending days in a row. Tomorrow, however, I have to buy my lunch as we ran out of lunchmeat! I hope we can make something big enough tomorrow night to have left overs for my lunch on Friday, we'll see.

This, of course, doesn't include the extra "income" of my tax refund as it is going directly to the Visa - it'll be like it never existed . . .

I will try to post again tomorrow and update the bars.
TTFN, Morgaine.

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