Saturday, March 13, 2010

March has already been one expensive month!!!

Here's where I stand almost at the end of my first two-week cycle:

So, again, over in pretty well every category!

Luckily, the rest of this month shouldn't be as spendy, no more birthdays, no anniversary. The only thing is St Patrick's Day and since I'm Irish this is a MUST!!! Also, we are thinking to go and see Alice in Wonderland. Other than those things, the rest of March should be fairly quiet.

For April, there is one birthday - but I already got that present, and the wrapping! So, I shouldn't have to spend anything in the gifts category. I may start a jar for gifts so when I have a particularly gift heavy month (next up: May - Mother's Day and my BF's birthday!) I will have a bit socked away for this. And starting this in April would be good - 3 paycheque month!!!

For April as well, since it’s so quiet, I will try and do the "No Spend Challenge" started by blogger "Simply Frugal" ( She explains how this is done here: So, no coffees, no lunches and dinners out, no movies, NO CLOTHES, nothing that isn't food (non-take out) and regular bills. Hopefully the weather will be nicer and we can do more outdoor activities so that I won't feel too bummed.
I'll post again once the actually two weeks are over and we'll see how I do for the rest of this weekend!

TTFN, Morgaine.

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