Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paycheque 2 of 3 - PLUS bonus cheque SWEET!

Just a quick post, I spent most of tonight trying to figure out the issues with my money tracking system - fixed!

Anyways, awesome news today - I got my bonus cheque! $353.61 which is the highest bonus I've gotten so far ($501 before they took off taxes - boourns!). It went directly towards my consolidation loan and I also made my "normal" $300 payment and of course $500 from my first paycheque = $1153.61 so far this month on my loan (almost a whole paycheque!) I've decided to just put the extra $146.39 on at the end of the month to equal the $1300 payment I wanted to make this month (see post: "$5000 Off my Consolidation Loan?" on March 29/10). I could put the "normal" $300 but I also want to put $100 on my mastercard to offset some of the interest from last month.

So now my consolidation loan sits at . . . drumroll . . . wait for it . . . $9,989.81!!! Under $10K = AWESOME!!! At the end of the month with my $146.39 the balance will be: $9843.42, so exciting :)

So now both large debts (consolidation loan and mastercard) are under $10K each, my total debt is $19,864.85 - under $20K!!! And, my net worth is now -$15,600.77 that's a POSITIVE difference of $3,469.68 since the beginning of the year. I'm quite happy with this progress. I LOVE my bonuses!

On the negative side - I broke my "no clothing" challenge again. This time MUCH worse than I did last month. I bought a new gym bag, a new laptop bag ($9.99 half price because I bought the gym bag at a BOGO sale), a new pair of jeans (I'll write more about this on my fitness blog Fit for Thirty), two new pairs of work pants (a total steal $11.99 for one and $14.99 for the other), and a sweater. Other than the sweater, those pieces had been on my "want" list for a while. I'll post about that at another time. Total $127.64! BTW, I wore the shirt that made me lose my challenge last month today and its awesome! I buy a lot of clothes, but I do wear 99% of what I buy.

So, my "quick" post turned out not to be so quick. I'll post all the numbers tomorrow.

TTFN, Morgaine.

P.S. Congrats to Krystal @ GimmeBackMyFiveBucks for landing an awesome new job!


  1. oo congrats. I've never worked a job where I could get a bonus. It must be a wonderful feeling. Enjoy :-)

  2. Hi Jolie,

    Its a definite perk to this job. It makes me feel that my hard work is appreciated. I just wish this money could be going to boost savings instead of debt repayment. But at least, its speeding up the process!

    Thanks for dropping by and congrats on erasing the bank loan!