Friday, May 28, 2010

Raise and Semi-Annual Bonus! SWEET!!!

So, I get to work today and on my desk is a letter from HR, I got a raise! Ok, a very little one, but considering I'm on contract, I never even contemplated getting a raise. Its 1.48% which equals from $38,000 to $38,562 or from $20.88 an hour to $21.19, so starting June 10th, I will have to adjust my budget again to reflect the new numbers.

But, even BETTER is that I'm getting a semi-annual bonus of $1200!!! Plus my regular monthly bonus - which should be around $300 - its ALL going on the consolidation loan. I can't wait to post the new balance of the loan and my net worth. I'm so excited!!!

On another front, this weekend is the bf's birthday weekend and its going to be a bit costly, methinks. But, considering he usually pays for the fun stuff, I definitely think I should have no problem spending some money on him for a change. I'll post the numbers after the weekend.

I did make a charge on my Visa yesterday - going to see author Roddy Doyle (author of the novel that was adopted into one of my favourite movies of all time "The Committments"). The ticket is $30 - which I paid off the credit card right away - back to zero lickety split! LOVE IT!!! I'm feeling really good about my ability to keep this credit card at zero.

Anyways, just watching the clock tick down until this week is over and on to the weekend! Indian food and MacGruber await! TTFN, Morgaine.

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