Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Budget Review and March Goals

So, I thought I did well in February. I didn't spend on my credit cards, I paid off my student loan, I only spent half of my clothing budget (which for me, is HUGE). But now looking at the numbers, I didn't do as well as I thought.

Here's the breakdown:
Budgeted Actual Difference
Food $100.00 $140.96 $(40.96)
PC&Home $100.00 $97.25 $2.75
Clothes $100.00 $52.18 $47.82
Gifts $50.00 $83.31 $(33.31)
Entert. $200.00 $228.71 $(28.71)
Other $165.00 $183.49 $(18.49)
Total $715.00 $785.90 $(70.90)

So, for March I have upped the food budget to $150 which I may not hit. The week that we went to North Bay (VD weekend) we didn't go grocery shopping so I ate out quite a bit that week. And last week after getting over the flu couldn't stomach the turkey sandwiches for the week. So, with eating out at an absolute minimum, it should be less than that, but I rejigged the budget just in case and will re-evaluate it at the end of the month.

I overspent on gifts because I had 3 birthdays that I had to buy for and now I have two of them covered (with card, wrap, etc) and one done (i.e. given). Another wasn't until April but I found the perfect gift in a place we don't go often at all - its so far! that it just made sense to get it now. Entertainment - I spent money on jewelry supplies and some meals out. For "Other", I didn't propery calculate my medical costs (BC pill) so that should be ok this month.

All in all, not good, but much better than of recent times (last year was horrible for overspending). I gotta do better in March!

March Goals:
-No money spent on clothes
-No money spent on jewelry supplies
-No money spent on credit!!! BIG ONE
-Stay on budget in every category

I think I will be looking every week this month to see how I'm doing (something I didn't do in February) to make sure I keep on track.

And, hopefully pay off the Visa!!! Wish me luck!

TTFN, Morgaine.

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