Thursday, February 25, 2010

Finished Filing Taxes

I got my second T4 today so I had everything I needed to file my taxes today - and since I knew I was getting a refund (small, but nonetheless) I decided I might as well do it now and not procrastinate to the last minute like I usually do. Besides, I need the money! So I'm getting back $317.77 not too shabby (see Feb 18th post). Once I had put in my actual income from my 2nd job, the refund had dipped lower than I had anticipated, but then as I was filling out the questionnaire in the tax software I remembered that I made a charitable donation (breast cancer) and I took a course that was eligible for tuition credit. So, with those deductions I'm getting back $317.77 plus the GST that I missed because I forgot to change my banking information = $374.05

So, of course, this is going to debt repayment. The Visa, in fact.


March: $1000(balance)-100(regular payment)-250(bonus)-100(student loan snowball)-374.05(tax refund)=$175.95

April: $175.95+interest=PAID OFF and I'll be able to snowball some money into the consolidation loan in April instead of waiting until May! Awesome!!!

I will post again to update the monthly budget and bars.

TTFN, Morgaine.

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