Thursday, February 18, 2010


So, today the student loan is paid off. This is the first loan that I paid off 100% on my own without any help and it took me 6 years to do it. But, its gone and still about 3 years prior to when they thought I would have it paid off. I feel pretty good about it and I think this is the motivation I require to get everything paid off. To know that it is possible to pay off debt is a great feeling and I got to keep going.

However, I broke the no clothing in February goal again. Partly because I had a $50 Reitmans gift card from Christmas, partly because I need more heavy (ie winter) work pants, and partly because I felt I deserved it for paying off my student loan. The third part I'm not proud of but its done. At least the no spending on credit goal is still intact. I'm not sure about having $50 left over from my paycheque. After the regular "bills" and student loan was paid, it left me with $247 (not including the $27 spent on clothes and $30 spent on "household" needs and the $20 I took out of the ATM) so, it will still be a tight two weeks. But, if I can go 3 days without spending a cent, I'm going to try for 4 days next week. I usually buy my lunch once a week, so I think 4 days for 2 weeks is a good goal for now.

Also, I got one of my T4s (I worked at two different places of employment in 2009) so I imputed the info I had (and estimated the current jobs info) and it looks like I will get about $300 refund. Its about what I got last year. Actually, I'm quite happy about it because (a) I was worried I would have to pay this year; and (b) it means that I didn't loan the government any more of my money than necessary. What does (b) mean, you ask? Well, an income tax refund is basically getting back from the government your own money that you paid in taxes over the year. To be receiving a large refund means that you overpaid the government taxes and they are paying you back YOUR OWN MONEY!!! WITHOUT INTEREST!!! So, I'm happy with this. Also, the credit I got for getting monthly transit passes quite surprised me. I spent $100/mth on passes = $1200 per year, I get 15% back of this = $180! Money back for something I had to get anyway - gotta love it :)

I will post again at the end of the month to update the goals.

TTFN, Morgaine.

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