Thursday, February 10, 2011

January Numbers - Finally!

So, I've finally gotten around to posting my January numbers. I really need to make budgeting more of a priority, and I think I've gotten to a decent start in February with tracking better. But, anyways, here are the numbers:

So, I was over in pretty well all the categories! Bad PF blogger, BAD! February definitely seems that it will be more in line with what I SHOULD be spending, more on that later.

The notes there are hard to read, so I will repeat them here (I just wanted to be able to see at a glance when I look at my Excel reports what happened in that month).

Food and Entertainment: I could be way off as I didn't track cash purchases. So, I could have spent more on entertainment than food or vice versa, not really sure. But I have been tracking my cash purchases since beginning of February so February numbers will be more true.

Clothes and Personal Care: bought a new pair of winter boots ($150) and got a haircut ($42.50 - never going there again!) Soooooooooo glad I bought those boots though, its been quite the snowy winter! I will have to go back to the place I usually get my hair cut because its only $20! I was trying to find a reasonable haircutting place in my new neighbourhood, but that one certainly isn't it! And, I joined a new gym. Its close to my new neighbourhood and it is a LOT cheaper than the gym I was a member of last year. This gym had a new year special: $69 for 3 months and then it will still only be $32/month from April to December! My last gym membership was over $100 per month! Now, I just have to start going regularly ...

Hobbies: I started a new hobby - making soap! So, some start up costs are included here that won't need to be repeated, but I will be replenishing supplies as I go along, of course. I hope to have some pics of my soap up soon as well. I will be revamping my Etsy store to include the soaps too.

Tomorrow, I promise I will have the first week of February's numbers up too!

TTFN, Morgaine.

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