Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Job!!!

Wow, 2 posts in one day!

I got the job that I REALLY wanted hooray! It is for the same company I'm working for now (pension industry) but not the same job I'm working at now - which is temporary anyways. I've already admitted that I don't like the job that I am doing now but I love the company. Basically the job I'm doing now is practically call centre (on inbound phone queue from 9-5) but I also have cases assigned to me that I have to work on during the day. The combination of these two with very little time to follow up and get in touch with clients has been making this job very stressful for me. I also have to tell someone when I'm going to get water or coffee or even if I have to go to the bathroom! I can't eat when I want because a call might come in.

So, the new position I will be off the phone queue (Thank God!!!) and processing requests for a different department and answering email questions. It is another maternity contract until Dec 31st but who knows, maybe she won't come back (unlike the last contract) or I make a good enough of an impression that they find some way to keep me - fingers crossed! The job is a significant raise in "salary" - $23.60/hour which is actually the highest salary I've ever gotten :) Downsides: no vacation - boo! and I have to "earn" sick days - I get 1.25 of sick days for every 1 month that I've worked. I don't take many sick days so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. I didn't have any vacation planned for this year (next year - wedding and honeymoon!) so I can't be working a contract then, please, please! But, I also get 8% added to my pay to compensate for this, so that's not too bad. Oh, and I will be part of a union (union dues, boo) but I can also contribute to a pension! I'm not sure I will do this yet, actually, I might wait until the contract is up and see where I stand then and then possibly do a non-contributory buyback (pension terminology has already creeped into my brain!!!)

So, I will be updating the budget yet again with new numbers as soon as I get paid. So looking forward to it!

TTFN, Morgaine.