Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MasterCard Limit

So, today I lowered the limit on my MasterCard down to $9000 (from $10,000). I am doing this every $500 paid off to eliminate the temptation to spend on it EVER again! I want to get it down to $2500 and leave this as my limit FOREVER and close my Visa as well. No more using credit to fill the gaps for me! I am done paying interest, I am done with debt! Its just gonna take time to pay it off, and I'm working on it ...

Also, I realize I haven't posted my January numbers yet, I haven't been feeling well, but I hope to have that up tomorrow. I've been tracking my cash spending in a notebook for the last week, so I should post that too, again hopefully tomorrow. I feel better now than I have in a while, but I think I need new glasses and that's gonna put a strain on my efund, again! Well, that's what its for, I suppose.

TTFN, Morgaine.

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