Friday, February 4, 2011

The Job Situation

So, I lost my job early October last year. It was a maternity leave contract, so I knew it would mostly come to an end a year after I started but of course, one always hopes that the company will find them a spot once the contract is up. This didn't happen.

I was out of a job for almost a month, while applying EVERYWHERE I could think of in my industry but it took me almost the whole month just to find something (and had to take money out of my Efund to pay for rent in October!) Luckily I picked up a decent paying temp job ($18.50/hr) it was only supposed to be until Jan 1st but they decided just before Christmas last year to keep me on until the end of April (tax season).

I really don't like this job. I felt it was better than being unemployed and would give me time to look for full-time employment while having a job. Lately, its been getting quite stressful, so I have stepped up the job hunting. In this past week I have had 2 telephone interviews, 1 recruiter interview, and 2 company interviews. Talk about stress! I HATE interviews!!! I find too that my industry (financial services) seem to take a lot longer than other industries (my fiance works in computers - software development - and found a new job within a week of looking for one and they hired him the same week!) it works a lot slower in my industry and I'm just hoping I can find something I like that's not too stressful but pays what I think I need (and deserve) to be paid.

So, hopefully soon I will be able to say I have a new job and I have to rethink my budget (again!) Oh well, if its more money (fingers crossed) then I won't mind rejigging the budget anyways ;)

Wish me luck! TTFN, Morgaine.

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  1. Good luck finding a new, better-for-you job!
    Keep posting, I miss your "news". :)