Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bi-Weekly Spending Post: Apr 28 - May 12

What? A positive bi-weekly budget???

Yep, for the first time EVER (well, since I started tracking and budgeting, but I would imagine that this is still the first time ever) I had money left over! I'm looking at these numbers and I find it hard to believe that I can't couldn't stick to my budget before. I even spent money on clothes and gifts!

BTW, the left over $51.82 went to my "pay off debt fund". I hope to have an extra $1000 to throw on the Citifinancial loan in December. I've set up an auto-savings plan at ING for $35/bi-weekly which should get me $500 in this account by the end of the year. The other $500 has to come from snowflakes and other forms of "extra money" (i.e. overtime worked, GST refunds, etc). I'm not sure if its doable, but whatever is in that account in December gets thrown on the loan.

Sorry I haven't been posting lately, its been super busy at work this week (which did equal some overtime! :D) and I had a test on Thursday in my bookkeeping course. The course is going well, I'm getting it, even though it does seem that we are going through the material quickly.

Ok, I just wanted to post to say, yes I'm still alive and tracking my money! Hope everyone else is doing well.

TTFN, Morgaine

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