Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting to Know Me ...

Saw this on a few blogs today (Originally from Homeowner by 30 )

The ABC's of Me ...

•Age: 30

•Bed Size: Queen

•Chore You Hate: Taking out the garbage, but I don't do this normally :) Other than that, dusting, its kind of pointless really.

•Dogs: none, bunny instead :)

•Essential start of your day: sleeping in 10 minutes before I actually have to get up.

•Favorite color: Green

•Gold or silver: Silver

•Height: 5 feet 1 inches (petite)

•Instruments I play (or have played): flute and rockband bass :)

•Job title: Service Support Associate (this doesn't actually tell you anything about my job, and I'm ok with that)

•Kids: not yet ...

•Live: Toronto, ON Canada

•Mom’s name: L (don't want to give this one just in case)

•Nickname: (same as above)

•Overnight hospital stays: None since birth :)

•Pet peeve: Rude inconsiderate people

•Quote from a movie: "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." Princess Bride

•Right or left handed: Right.

•Siblings: 1 brother

•Time you wake up: 7:10

•Underwear: Yes.

•Vegetables you dislike: brussel sprouts, ewww!

•What makes you run late: Oversleeping and TTC - Toronto Transit Commission (thanks Cassie ;P)

•X-rays you’ve had done: when I got hit by a car ...

•Yummy food you make: Garlic Chicken, desserts

•Zoo animal: monkeys


  1. LMAO. I love that you put TTC as your reason for running late. That's awesome ;)

  2. It was certainly true today! I was one stop from mine when they told us that the train was out of service (passenger assistance alarm activated 3 stations over). I had to walk the rest of the way. It wasn't a long walk but long enough to make me late. Grumble, grumble ...

  3. Hahahaha. Okay, I took that completely differently.

    For you TTC = Toronto Transit Commission.
    For me, TTC = Trying To Conceive.

    I was amused by your chutzpa, though my amusement was apparently misplaced ;)

  4. Wow! That is some mis-communication!

    I guess I have Toronto syndrome - you know, where we think we are the centre of the Universe - so I just assumed everyone would know what I meant by TTC.

    I will work on that! :)

    Have a great long weekend :D