Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekly Spending Report: May 16 - 22

16: $7.67 (lunch)
17: $3.92 (dinner) + $4.25 (snack) = $8.17
18: $28.22 (debit - new purse) = $28.22
19: No Spend! (finally!)
20: $5.65 (snack)
21: $55.00 (cash - lunch for me, the boy, and my Mom) + $1,000.00 (cheque - deposit on wedding venue!!!) + $80.02 (credit - bday gift for T) + $42.97 (debit - Canadian Tire - $32.81 bday gift pt 2 + $10.16 bug stuff for the house) = $1,177.99 - $1000.00 (coming from wedding fund) = $177.99
22: $14.70 (credit - wedding inviation sampler stuff) + $24.39 (credit - personal care) = $39.09 - $14.70 (coming from wedding fund) = $24.39
Total: $252.09
 Emotional Tracker: 17th - really bad day, woke up late, got to work late, it was busy at work, my debit card was cancelled by my bank (potential fraud), I had to buy dinner because I didn't get home until late on Monday and didn't have a chance to make both a lunch and dinner for Tuesday. I only spent $3.92 because that's what I had available without my debit card working, when my fiance picked me up I was able to get something after, but of course neither was healthy. So, all in all a REALLY Craptacular day! And today (18th I'm writing this note) I feel worse because I ate so poorly and it seems to really have had an effect on my stomach as well as my emotional well-being. I gotta stop doing this!

Notes: Booked the wedding venue! We are booked for September 8, 2012 :)

Bought T his birthday gifts (the shoes were less than expected because they were on sale!) for a total of $112.83 (which is less than $100 before taxes, and I'm happy with that). I did put this on my credit card (Mastercard) because I didn't have the amount in my account, but it will be paid off when I get paid.

So, it was an expensive week, but I was expecting it. This weekend is going to be expensive with dinner out on Saturday and the making of a cheesecake and regular birthday cake. But it's T's 30th so I have to make a big deal out of it :-)

Tomorrow is payday so I will be posting my bi-weekly numbers. Definitely not as good as the last one :(

TTFN, Morgaine.


  1. I hope you feel better!

    I know that I get stressed when I eat poorly and not take care of myself. It's a vicious cycle, so take care :)

  2. Thanks. This week has been better, emotionally, but I'm still very tired and a bit stressed, but this too shall pass :)