Thursday, May 5, 2011

Projected Budget: May 2011

This month is going to be expensive in the Food and Gifts categories - I already know this! May has both Mother's Day and my fiance's birthday :)

We'll be going out for brunch for Mother's Day (approx $50) and I'm planning to spend about $40-50 on flowers - that you plant - my Mom is a gardener. I also buy something for my Godmother as we have a very close relationship, but I'm hoping to keep that in the $25-30 range.

For the fiance's birthday, we'll be going out somewhere "fancy" maybe Keg, Earl's, or Ruth Chris (he loves steak, could you tell?) - approx $150 - and he also wants to have wings with friends - approx $20. He has told me that he wants new running shoes - approx $150. I am also making him a "Twix" (TM) cheesecake (yummy!) - approx $20-25 for ingredients. This is his 30th birthday so it is a very special occasion :)

Whew! That's around $500 right there! So, I can't be spending too much in those other categories!

I'm glad I'm being proactive and anticipating these costs, but still, May is going to be an expensive month.

TTFN, Morgaine

P.S. dentist is all done - for this year - so that should allow me to save up some more money :)

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