Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monthly Budget: April 2011 - Oops!

So, I went over budget more than anticipated - oops! The last few days of April killed my budget (almost as much as the beginning). It just seems that as soon as I get a paycheque (Mar 31 and Apr 14/28) I go a little crazy, because I feel like I have money. Even though I already overspent in that particular month.

Food and Entertainment were RIDICULOUS this month! I can't believe I spent so much money stuffing food in my face! This is a HUGE area for improvement. We did do a lot in April which accounts for the Entertainment (this is usually a fairly low category) and now that I have the course and other things to keep me "busy" hopefully that number will go down.

On to May ... well, at least the variable budget numbers are increased this month :)

TTFN, Morgaine

How did you do in April?


  1. oh no! you win some, you lose some, huh? just dust yourself off & get back to trying for a better May ;)

  2. It just seems like I lose more than I win. But I keep on trying, I think that's what counts :)