Thursday, January 3, 2013

3 Paycheque Month and RAISE!

So today is pay day and its the first of 3 this month. Which is awesome because I still have a bit of a balance on my MasterCard due to Christmas and misc things before my shopping ban started. I was able to put $500 towards that leaving me $300 after my savings go out (no rent or bills on this cheque!) This should also get me started towards my savings goals this month. My RSP will be increased by $1650 this month :)

I also got a 2.9% raise so I'm still waiting to do my budget for the year. Also, this paycheque was a bit smaller because I'm still on contract and I don't get paid for stat holidays (I get 4% instead). The 4% usually works out nicely but around this time, it can take a bit of a wallop on my paycheque. Thank goodness for the shopping ban! I should be able to get away with spending $300 or less for the next 2 weeks without any problems.

I've also been tracking my money starting this week and I hope to keep it up all year. I've been eating well and have gone to the gym 4 times since boxing day (Dec26th for non-Canadians) and I'm going tonight as well. I also started a new jewelry piece last night. So I'm definitely working towards those 2013 goals and resolutions. I know, I know its been less than a week, but I'm pretty sure that I've given up on most/all of my resolutions before now in the past. Taking it one day at a time.

I hope everyone's having a great 2013 so far! :)



  1. Oh it is a curse food!
    Well done onthe low spend - I too have spend money on food this week - altho I shouldn't be - its a lot harder to not spend some days than I thought it would be.
    Hope you have a great week this week

  2. Food is certainly a tricky thing to control spending on. We're doing a pretty good job with meal planning but sometimes even the best plans can go awry when you have friends that want to meet up for coffee or you forget you need lunch when you're not going to work ;)

    So far so good with this week, but we are going out to dinner tonight, no time to go home before we get some errands done :(

  3. $1650 into your RSP this month? That's amazing! I average about $900 on 3 pay cheque months, which I really wish this month was! lol Congratulations on the raise :)

  4. Thanks!

    Well, I'm actually going to use it for the first time homebuyers plan, so I'm saving very agressively there for the house, not retirement. Once I reach the $25K mark, I will be dropping my contribution down to either $100 or $150 per pay. I still have debt to pay off and lots of other things to save for.

    Thanks for commenting.