Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shopping Trigger - Boredom

I went to see Gail Vaz-Oxlade speak at Chapters the other night to promote her new book "Money Rules" (its awesome, by the way!)

Rule #125 - Busy People Spend Less Money

I believe this to be very true! In the past, whenever T had a ballhockey game or went home up north and left me to my own devices, those devices usually led me to shopping. I could browse a mall for hours, it was a great time killer.

Now that T and I are going to the gym more I've been finding less time to go shopping than before. It also means I plan my future purchases so that I can buy multiple items on my list at the same time because I'm only going to have limited time to shop. I did this on Monday Did I cheat? and I didn't buy any impulsive items, only those I had planned on buying.

What about you? Do you shop when you're bored, do you find you spend more while browsing (impulsive purchases)?


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