Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekly Spending: Jan 21-27

1/21 - $19.42 (debit - dinner for me and T)
1/22 - No Spend!
1/23 - $2.02 (debit - breakfast) + $18.93 (debit - dinner for me and T) = $20.95
1/24 - No Spend!
1/25 - $30.00 (credit - my portion of dinner at Red Lobster) + $8.00 parking = $38.00
1/26 - $14.00 (debit - parking) + $55.20 (cash - new bunny at the animal shelter) + $22.00 (debit - bunny supplies) = $91.20
1/27 - No Spend!

Total: $169.57

We didn't do a very good job at meal planning last week and we were busy a few nights with going to the gym and T having early ballhockey games. Friday night was a cheat (from the diet) night, I had Red Lobster's shrimp special (mmmm shrimp) and it was a nice date night for us. We also met up with friends on Saturday night but T paid for that dinner.

And ... we have a new bunny. I have to admit that I really missed having a bunny companion around the house. I had tried all last week contacting people on Kijiji to buy 2 bunnies (preferably babies and a bonded pair) when no one was contacting me back, I decided to look at what was available at the animal shelters around me. And that's when we met Caramel. She is a Holland Lop, she's a big girl so we only got one bunny instead of 2 as planned. She was mis-treated at her original home so its amazing how sweet, gentle, and trusting she is. She's a real sweetheart.

Here she is, meet Caramel:

So, I have to add a pet line to my budget again, but its totally worth it :)

How did your week go?


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