Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Did I cheat?

Monday night I did the most dangerous thing that a person on a shopping ban can do, I went to a mall. Ok, I was dropped off at a mall while T went to ballhockey, but I was at a mall. Dufferin Mall in Toronto for anyone who's curious, its close to the gym where he plays.

So, here's a breakdown of what I bought, tell me if you think I broke my Shopping Ban:

Dollarama: plastic container for bunny food (instead of keeping it in the bags they come in which has a seal but I find it doesn't do a good job), mini sweeper set for bunny cage (last one broke), shampoo bottle for the gym, funnels to add shampoo to the bottle at home (instead of buying those mini bottles of shampoo, which I think is a huge rip-off), kleenex.

Walmart: those foam mats for the floor (they look like giant puzzle pieces, picture below) to put down in the bunny's room to give her more room to run around, deodorant (I have maybe a week left in the one I have) + $20 cashback.

And to clarify, these purchases were actually planned, I was just waiting until I went to a mall to pick up these items and the fact that I didn't know when I would get a new bunny meant that I knew I wanted to get those items but I didn't know when. Even though I browsed through the entire Dollarstore and Walmart I didn't purchase anything other than what I had gone in to purchase. Also, the shampoo bottle and funnels will actually save me money in the long run since I won't be purchasing those small bottles already filled.

So, what do you think PF community? Did I cheat?


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