Thursday, January 3, 2013

To Sell in January

Ok, new year, time to get off my duff and get rid of some stuff! (and hopefully make some money while I'm at it).

To list in January:

1) Laptop
2) Wedding cake stand
3) Wedding cake knife/server set
4) Wedding cake topper (1 of the 3!)
5) Home-made banners
6) Left over supplies (mostly ribbon)

I also hope to take some books that I've either already read (and don't see reading again) or were given to me and aren't really to my tastes to a used bookstore to see if I can get some money for that as well. But, it may wait until the weather is nicer.

Then I will be making more jewellery (with supplies I already have) and list those on Etsy. I will also be planning a garage sale in June so I want to have jewellery and supplies ready to sell for that as well.

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