Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cheapest lunch, EVER?!?

Being busy and on a diet isn't easy. Since me and the hubby been trying to lose weight and watch the food budget, we've been trying to think of ways to make healthy meals for cheap. Here's one for lunch:

Chickpea Salad:

1) 1 can of chickpeas
2) half a tomato
3) half a cucumber
4) some salad dressing (I've used both balsamic and Greek and have liked it both times)
5) feta cheese (optional)

Drain chickpeas, chop tomato and cucumber into cubes, drizzle dressing, and add cheese if you'd like, that's it! Easy, healthy, tasty. 

Chickpeas are awesome! They are chock full of protein and fibre which makes them the perfect food for lunch. My friend also chops up peppers and added other beans she had left over. I added some black beans from another meal to my salad this week. Try adding anything you'd like. Also, its good for vegetarians and vegans if you buy vegan friendly dressing (or maybe just oil and vinegar with some spices?) and no cheese.

This recipe probably costs under $5 for 2 meals (you can always double up or add more beans it could last the week for $10).

I'm hoping to add some more of our recipes over the next few weeks. Feel free to share some of yours!



  1. Tuna Salad - can of tuna, 1 tsp. low fat mayo, 1 tsp or more of plain greek yogurt, some dijon mustard to taste, add whatever veggies you like - onions, cucumbers, celery, etc. Play with it - make it sweet with a tad of sweet relish, or salty with dill relish. Put on butter lettuce - delish!

    Chicken salad - grilled chicken, greek yogurt/mayo mix, celery, grapes, walnuts, I like to add curry - goes with anything.

    Whole grain pasta salad - one cup cooked with lots of veggies and drizzled with the same dressing. You can add kidney beans to get some protein.

    Make soup the night before. If you do not have access to a microwave, carry a thermos. I love them! Veggie and bean soup, Black bean and chicken (Spanish Flair), Chili. All low cal and full of good stuff. Lower salt and fat than in the canned stuff. Just use non-fat chicken broth or vegetable broth as the base and add what you want!

    Hummus and veggies, with baked sweet potatoes.

    Things like that. Hopes this helps!

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Awesome! Thanks so much for those recipes, I will definitely try them out :)

  3. So glad to help! We are embarking on the same path!

  4. My mother does this. :) Chickpea salad...

  5. I gave the recipe to my mom this weekend, I think she's going to try it, she's a very frugal lady and loves salads.