Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bi-Weekly Report May 13-26

Ok, so here are my mid-month May numbers:

Again, I fiddled around with the numbers to make it work. I think, I'm really just going to worry about the monthly numbers - and of course, not spend more money than I have. Here, for example, you can see I had $386.33 left over for my variable expenses (after fixed expenses, debt repayment and savings are taken out) but I spent $353.98 so even though I techinally went over my bi-weekly expenses allotment, I didn't spend more money than I have. Phew!

Payday is tomorrow, and its looking that starting tomorrow, its going to be a very expensive weekend! Tomorrow is a work "night out" (i.e. drinking on a patio), apparently the office manager is paying??? But then I still have to eat out for dinner because I'm going to see a friend's school play (my friend is a teacher) right after, also, have to pay for the tickets for that. Friday = eating out again. Saturday = eating out and movie, since its bf's birthday weekend, I'm paying for all that! And, of course his present! $100 for a new suitcase for our trip to Alberta in July. Once this weekend is over, I'm hoping to take it really easy money (and food!) wise. Since we went up north this weekend, we didn't get any groceries. So, I've eaten out a LOT this week, and will continue until Sunday - when we get more groceries. At least, there are some healthier food choices in the local food courts :)

I'll write more about the "damage" of this weekend when its all over. TTFN, Morgaine.

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