Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Since I started reading PF blogs I decided to start participating in online surveys. So, its been about a year and I've gotten:

$50USD from global test market
$50USD from opinion outpost (although I don't get surveys from them anymore for some reason???)
$50CDN from Angus Reid (just got it today!!!)
Two free boxes of coffee for my dolce gusto coffee maker from Ipsos
$10CDN on amazon from Ipsos

Not bad and I'm more than half way to getting another $50 from GTM, its not too much work but it also takes a long time to get up to the amount of money to cash out. I'm also with survey winnings and toluna but I found those surveys are few and far between (and the points to reward ratios are not that great). So I don't do all their surveys anyways. Oh, and swagbucks - I'm sorry but not really worth my time as far as I can see. Instead of using swagbucks to search I have the airmiles toolbar at home and since the bf and I want to use airmiles for our honeymoon I have to collect as many as I can!

If you're looking to make a few extra snowflakes for debt repayment/saving then its not a bad way to make a few extra dollars without too much effort. Now to deposit my Angus Reid cheque! TTFN, Morgaine.

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