Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Long Weekend!

I probably won't be posting this week's numbers until maybe Monday or Tuesday. But I do have a few updates. 1) I sent away for my credit report from Equifax - they have on file that I had lost my wallet so they can't verify me over the internet, I had to fax them 2 pieces of government ID to get my report. Once received, I will go about "fixing" it. The rep from CIBC said that my student loan isn't showing as paid off and closed, and of course the verifying the ID part is annoying and this is from 2003!!! I'm hoping to get this notice taken off.

Another update, apparently my RSP isn't doing as well as I thought. I thought I had $3700 but I only have $3000!!! Apparently one of my mutual funds have taken a bit of a hit. So, again its a good thing that I've increased my contributions from $50 to $100 bi-weekly. At least when my funds are down, I can buy more units for less and hopefully those more units will be worth more soon!

So, plans for the weekend are we are going up north to bf's home town. We usually don't spend a lot when we're there, except that T has to rent a car since we don't own one currently. On the plus side, T now has a CC that pays for his rental insurance (that used to be an extra $150 a weekend!!!) so the biggest expense is usually food, we pretty well eat out all 3 meals for the 3 days! Although, considering I am on weight watchers, I may at least take my Special K cereal with me so I have at least one meal covered. This weekend shouldn't end up costing me much more than $50.

I spoke with the bank rep again yesterday, still no word either way about my loan, so I guess I have to hold my breath a little longer. If I don't hear anything by Wednesday next week, I'll call again.

I hope everyone has an amazing long weekend!!! TTFN, Morgaine.

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