Friday, May 14, 2010

May - Paycheque 1

May is going to be a busy month! Let's see: bf's birthday, going up north, baby shower, nice weather = bars with patios! I'm budgeting about $100 for bf's birthday present - he wants a new piece of luggage for our trip to Alberta in the summer - and about $50 for his birthday dinner (for himself and I). Around $25 for baby shower gift (splitting it with a friend!) and about $10 for the ingredients for spinach dip (my friend that is having the baby LOVES my spinach dip ;)) This weekend we already got a pizza $5 was my share, and we're going out tomorrow night to a pub with a patio. The trip up north shouldn't cost much as this is to visit the bf's family and friends, he mostly pays - I'll budget about $50 for food and entertainment. Hopefully these things won't break the bank!

Here's where the money stands as of right now:

Oh, and I may be able to get a consolidation loan at a bank, I spoke to a representative and they needed to verify my income and ID before saying if I would be approved - but why make me go through that if they were just going to decline me??? Anyways, it would be a huge relief to not pay 29.9% interest!!!

I've got a money group meeting on Sunday - anyone who lives in the T.O. area and would be interested in joining a money group - email me at

TTFN, Morgaine

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