Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Goals Recap and March Goals

February Goals


1) Shopping ban - Pass - bought some stuff at the dollar store but still no clothes :)
2) Savings goals - Check - put $5,550 into my RSP this month - Its now over $20K :)
3) Debt goals - Check - I paid $1,149.99 onto debt this month
4) Increase my Net Worth - Check - up $6,601.38 this month and $9,504.46 from beginning of year (goal = $10,000/12 = $833 per month)
5) Track spending and post budgets - Check


1) Lose weight - Pass - didn't lose or gain weight, but I lost 1 inch off my chest and 2 inches from my waist, so I'm considering those to be wins :)
2) Do something physical at least 4x a week - Pass- First week 3x, then second week 2x because I fell, but I've been 4xs the last 2 weeks :)
3) Eat better - Pass - there were a few cheat days but better than last month :)
4) Read more books - Pass- reading "The Kingmaker's Daughter" by Philippa Gregory but I haven't finished it yet. Its funny, I started reading this early last month and then they find the remains of King Richard III who is a main character in this book (the protagonist's husband). Kinda ironic ;)
5) Make more things - Fail - with going to the gym and that taking up a lot of my free time and making me really tired afterwards, I just didn't get around to it.
6) Sell/donate more - Pass - Still no actual buyers. Argh! I'm going to try GirlMeetsDebt's idea of setting up a website for my items.


1) Post my weekly spending and monthly budgets. - Check
2) Post at least one other post a week other than #1 - Check
3) Comment on other blogs and become more of the community - Check - I even wrote a guest post! Read it here ... Getting Out of Debt ... With a Plan
4) Use twitter more (@morgainemoney) - Check - and it landed me my guest post opportunity :)
5) Post updates on my progress with the Shopping Ban and these goals. - Check
6) I will update my blog and sidebars with these goals (other than the Closing Costs since this is mostly T). And if I'm on pace or not. - Check

March Goals

All of the above plus spend less money eating out! Specifically, no breakfast, lunch, coffee, or snacks during the work week :)

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