Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly Spending: Mar 4-10

3/4 - $1.00 (cash - milk) + $76.27 (credit - AdditionElle) = $77.27
3/5 $99.44 (credit $49.72 gift/ $49.72 entertainment or personal care? - spa day for me and my BFF for her birthday at Body Blitz Spa in Toronto)
3/6 - $39 (debit - chiro)
3/7 - $11.20 (credit - Go Daddy)
3/8 - $1.00 (cash - milk) + $5.00 (cash - drink and snack) = $6.00
3/9 - $8.35 (cash - Timmies breakfast for me and T)
3/10 +$30.00 (cash - sold some wedding items) - $15.99 (debit movie) - $28.00 (cash - dinner for me and T) = $43.99

Total: $285.25 (+$30)

So, on Monday I guess I officially cheated on the shopping ban. I bought a bathing suit from AdditionElle, (online hence why I used my credit card). Here's why ... my friends and I go to Aquafit for exercise (yes, I have a gym membership but doing physical activities with friends is more fun and you can motivate each other. The last time I wore my current bathing suit my friend pointed out how see-through the back had become (I had gained some weight since I bought the suit so there probably was some stretching plus I went to a waterpark with waterslides, I imagine those aren't great for the bottom of a bathing suit). This was in February. If I had thought I'd need a replacement bathing suit this year I would have bought it last year so I could keep my shopping ban intact.

I'm letting myself off the hook here because its the first clothing purchase so far this year (and this is very unusual for me), because I didn't anticipate I would need a replacement when I decided to do this shopping ban, and because its for exercise. I'm just going to dust myself off and keep going. I'm not writing off this challenge as a failure yet, I'm going to keep trying.

Tuesday - since its my goal not to go shopping (and this includes for gifts if it can be helped), I thought a spa day for my BFF (she was the MOH at my wedding) would be a great gift. And since I've been jonesing for a spa day myself (I've been working hard and I've been noticing my back, neck, and shoulders have been super tense lately). I bought online gift certs for the water therapies at Body Blitz Spa for next Tuesday since its $10 cheaper on Tuesdays :) I've spent upwards of $100 on spa days in the past (or even just for a message) so $44 plus tax was a good deal, IMHO. And if you're in Toronto, I seriously recommend them, its a super relaxing place.

Thursday - some things are a foot, but not ready to talk about them ... yet :)

Friday - when do you consider the weekend started? Friday evening or Saturday morning (or Saturday at midnight?) I very desperately needed a snack Friday, this was after my regular working hours and just before my OT was to start. If I was going to get to 6:30 I knew I needed something to eat at 5. What do you think? Did I cheat on my no snacks during the work week challenge or does after work count, even though I was going back to work?

Sunday - I finally sold some of my wedding stuff! The cake serving set and cake stand are now gone! I got $30 which then went towards dinner. Went to a movie and bought dinner. It was T and I 6 year dating anniversary :)

So, this was a super spendy week. Highest so far this year, I believe. Its also left me with not much to make it to payday on but with my no spending on breakfast/lunch/coffee/snacks during the week and the fact that we have a meal plan for every night this week (except Tuesday, after spa I'll be going out with my BFF and another friend for dinner). I should make it to Tuesday without too much trouble.

So, that was my week of spending. How did yours go?


  1. Love reading these - I think I need to start making myself a bit more accountable like this as I tend to overspend on misc items during the week and definetly the weekend with the kids

  2. Accountability - that's exactly why I do this! It really makes you think about your purchase if you have to admit to the world (well, at least your readers) that you bought something that maybe you shouldn't have. Its kept me from buying a lot of other stuff that I was thinking about but knew that I'd have to post it here. I'm still trying to keep the Shopping Ban going despite the slip up this week.

    Thanks for dropping by and Good Luck! :D