Saturday, March 16, 2013

Update on Job Situation

If you've been reading for a while, you would know I'm on contract with my current employer. I've been hoping to get moved to full-time but so far it hasn't happened, they haven't opened any full-time positions that I've been qualified for, just contract positions.

Another thing you might know, T and I are thinking of starting a family near the end of the year (we want a house first).

Being on contract means there is absolutely no guarantee that my position will be held for me while I go on maternity leave. It also means no top-up (I work for a company that would top up the 35 week government benefits to 52 weeks).

I didn't think this was that big of deal since it says in my collective agreement (union document) that anyone on contract for 3 years will be made permanent after 3 years. What I didn't know (because I didn't actually read it, stupid me!) is that you have to be in the same position for 3 years in order to qualify.

I started a new (current) position last November. So, I've basically shot myself in the foot, big time! It basically reset my contract clock and now I would need to stay in this position until November 2015 in order to qualify. There's no guarantee of that since my current contract ends this November, it is a possibility that I would go back to what I was doing prior to my current role (and the clock would start again).

I found this out as I spoke today to a colleague of mine who's basically in the same position (same current role, on contract, used to be in the same role as me) but she's already pregnant. She's already spoken to HR and the union and they won't do anything. She's been here longer than me (5 years compared to my just under 3) and she's just as a good of a worker as I am so I don't see my situation as any better of getting full-time than her.

So, this leaves me with 2 options. 1) Look for a new job now, one that would be full-time, that would give me benefits, and maybe paid vacation. It would guarantee me a position when I'm done my mat leave. (2) Stay at my current job even though I have no benefits, no paid vacation (other than 8% vacation/stat holiday pay) and no guarantee of a job when I'm done mat leave.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm leaning more towards #2. This job pays way more than I think I would get elsewhere, which would allow me to sock away as much money as I can until I go on maternity leave. I've worked hard at this job, and there's still a possibility that things could change. It's still more than a year away. I don't need benefits as T has them through his work.

With #1 there's no guarantee that I won't be pregnant and looking for a new job before then anyways, I wouldn't want to go through that. In today's current economy, there is no job security. I think I will look and see what's out there, maybe I can find something permanent full-time that pays close or maybe even more than what I'm making here.

But, I think my safest bet is to wait until November and if I get renewed here, then that's when we'll start trying. If not, its gonna have to wait a bit longer. I just can't wait until November 2015.

What do you think? What would you do if you were in my situation?



  1. Well, it is really up to you and your circumstances. However, I am leaning towards #2. Really for two reasons 1) As you said, the money is good and you really do not know what will happen - you could get the job back, maybe, maybe not. 2) You have no idea how you will feel about going back to work after the baby. I was a career woman for sure, but when I held my child for the first time - it was all over. I have been pretty much a stay-at-home mom ever since.

    AND - if you look for a job or later, you are still looking for a job.

    Either way though, I think you will be good. It just may be a little easier with the job you have now - financially.

  2. If you're making good money and can put away a bunch to prepare for baby's arrival I would say go with 2. Even if you have a non-contract full time job, most gigs these days are employment at will so they could fire you (or you could quit) at any time for no reason with no notice.

  3. I'd definitely wait until November to see if you get renewed or look for a new job. That's what I'd do.

  4. Thanks Ladies!

    I've talked it over w/hubby (and my Mom, just thought I'd get her take on it). We've decided, I'm just gonna ride it out at current job, while socking away as much money as possible.

    There was a woman who worked here, she went on mat leave and while she was gone, they surplused her position. So even though she was permanent, she didn't have a job here when she was to come back. So, really, there is no job security, even if I wasn't on contract.

    So, really all I'm missing out on is a top-up but I wouldn't get that if I had another job at that time, its not that big of a deal, just have to save as much as possible.

  5. Belatedly: I'm in a somewhat similar position and even though I'm not ready for kids yet, I'm looking at it from the same POV. Save as much as possible knowing that nothing is guaranteed, hope for the best but plan to watch and see what other opportunities are out there in case my job doesn't exist next year.

  6. Hi Revanche,

    Its a stressful situation, but I'm glad I at least know that's the case and will stop wondering when I would be made f/t or how much I should pressure my boss for answers to those questions.

    As much as it sucks, its also kind of a relief to know the answer.

    Plan for the worst, and hope for the best. I think that's what's the best thing to do here and with most things in life.

    Thanks for dropping by! :)