Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekly Spending: Mar 18 - 24

3/18 - No Spend!
3/19 - No Spend!
3/20 - No Spend!
3/21 - No Spend!
3/22 - $3.65 (cash - breakfast) + $59.93 (credit - dinner for me and T) + $2.90 (cash - chocolate for me and T) = $66.48
3/23 - $56.50 (credit - Old Navy online)
3/24 - $11.84 (debt - lunch) + $29.61 (debit - Michael's) + $12.99 (debit - movie) + $14.31 (debit - drink and snack at theatre) = $68.75

Total: $191.73

After doing extremely well not spending during the week, I may have gone a little crazy over the weekend. Friday we met up with some friends for dinner and it was my turn to pay.

Saturday - I have no excuse other than I had already broken the shopping ban this month and Old Navy finally has some t-shirts in colours I will actually wear.

Sunday - typical lunch and movie Sunday for me and T. The trip to Michael's was actually to pick up supplies to make something that a friend as "custom ordered" and I will be reimbursed for these purchases and the final product :)

Overall, I'm not disappointed in the amount I spent this week, but I need to shut the shopping down. The Shopping Ban will be back on 100% in April but I'm still going to try and not shop between then and now either.

So, that was my week, how was yours?



  1. This week was a little hairy for spending. We were on a staycation so we did a little more shopping than normal. But we had fun and spent some quality time, so that's all that matters.

  2. Hey SDS,

    Your staycation sounded like fun, wish I could do that :( I don't get paid vacation because I'm on contract, so I try to take as little time off as possible.

    If I wasn't supposed to be on a shopping ban, I wouldn't feel too bad about this last week, but I feel like I'm starting to head back to my old ways (shopping with any excuse I can think of) and I don't like where its headed. Gotta shut it down :)

    Thanks for dropping by :)